Thank you so much for stopping by my donation page!  As my next big challenge, I will be completing (by run, walk, or crawl) the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon ( ack!).  I’ll be doing so on behalf of Mind Charity, a UK mental health charity (click the little blue letters to check out their website and all the incredible resources they provide).

I’m thrilled to dedicate my first ever marathon to such a brilliant cause and can’t wait to share my journey from couch potato with a few mildly absurd anxieties about running in public in large crowds to marathon runner/finisher.

Clicking the link below will take you to my fundraising page!  Any donation, whether it’s the spare change you found in a long forgotten pocket, or the your annual bonus, will go a long way towards helping Mind to continue the absolutely vital work they do.

And if you have any extra-special marathon tips – don’t be shy, get in touch!

Maysen Forbes, Virgin Money Marathon 2018