Hello World, it’s me, Maysen.

So, this is me.

Mildly terrifying as that may be.

25 years old (young?), on the cusp of my very own quarter-life-crisis, with a passion for pushing myself as far out of my comfort zone as my dodgy mind will allow (and subsequently writing all about my anxious adventures).

In 2017 I walked 900km across Ireland in an effort to raise funds for Mental Health Ireland and to show the reality of adventuring with mental illness.  In 2018 I will LEJOG a la bicycle and will be documenting my journey from absolute novice cyclist to somewhat-accomplished cyclist who can ride a bike up and down a hill between now and then.

As a mental health advocate living with depression and anxiety, my goal is:

  • To prove to myself and the world around me that being diagnosed with mental illness does not limit you.  You can absolutely accomplish any goal and adventure anywhere you please.
  • To encourage others to speak up and stop hiding their struggles by shamelessly sharing each and every battle in the never-ending war that is ‘Maysen VS Her Dodgy Mind’.
  • To cheesily and with every shudder-inducing cliche known to mankind have an absolute blast along the way.

So this is me.

Real, raw, and unfiltered.

(good lord, could I be more of a walking cliche?!)




One thought on “Hello World, it’s me, Maysen.

  1. Our meeting was all too brief Maysen … I would have loved for you to stay and rest a little longer. But you are on Your journey and you are so motivated to keep going I could only say good bye and wish you a safe onwarrd journey. Just know that you left some part of your spirit and personality here…and I thank you for that. I only hope that you bring with you the warmth and affection we feel for you. Warm wishes Mike , @ BluePool Glengarriff

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