2017 – The Year of The Resolutions and Epiphanies.

A few minutes ago I came to a magical realization: This year, for the first time in my soon-to-be 26 years on this planet, I completed all my New Years resolutions ( I know, right?!).  I moved to the UK, hiked across a country, started a blog, have the beginnings of a book saved away … Continue reading 2017 – The Year of The Resolutions and Epiphanies.


Mad Girl With a Reason To Stay Alive.

Have you ever sat down to read the first pages of a book only to find yourself crawling out of a black hole of space and time 5 hours later, book read from start to finish? You see, I have this (somewhat terrible but hey, there are worst vices in life) habit of bankrupting myself … Continue reading Mad Girl With a Reason To Stay Alive.

Anxiety in Real-Time Take 3.

I can hear the ocean. But wait that's not right. I'm in Belfast, on a couch, miles from the coast yet the sound of the waves crashing on the shore between my ears is starting to drive me slowly yet surely mad as logically I know that I SHOULD NOT be hearing the ocean. Oh … Continue reading Anxiety in Real-Time Take 3.

The Next Big Thing.

My time here in Belfast has thus far been a vacation of sorts.  While not the most positive experience for my mental health, it has left me with an abundant (and seemingly never-ending) amount of spare time to think.  After 3 weeks of intense thinking I have finally decided on my Next Big Adventure.  So … Continue reading The Next Big Thing.